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Our Team

As an Elevate client, you’ll have a close and long-term relationship with members of our professional team. We’ll establish rapport with your leadership and membership, building both credibility and support for your organization. Our team at Elevate has decades of experience.

We also bring to the table former fraternity/sorority professional staff members, including two former executive directors, as well as a plethora of current local and regional volunteers for their respective organizations.

Our team understands what it is like to be a volunteer – because we’re volunteers, too!

Elevate (and its antecedent entities) is a longtime member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and follows its ethical standards. To that end, we will never take possession of our clients’ funds at any time or base any of our billing on percentage of funds raised by our clients, in accordance with AFP’s code of ethical principles and standards.

Contact Us

To reach any of our team members, please call us at 607-533-9200.  After hours, simply dial the extension number to be transferred to their voicemail.

Kasey Breedlove

Annual Fund Account Manager
Delta Zeta
x 30329

Brian Bates

Company Principal
Tau Kappa Epsilon
x 30322

Erica Brath

Designer & Editor
X 20229

Connie Cole

Data Services
x 20278

Katie Coletta

Designer & Editor

Barbara Conrad

Business Manager
x 20221

Pam Costley

Data Services
x 20246

Sam Craig

Development Officer
Sigma Chi
x 30324

Susan Greener

Agency Services
x 235

Karie Allison

Senior Client Services Manager
Phi Mu
x 20226

Deirdre Hill

Campaign Account Manager
Alpha Chi Omega
x 30323

Lisa Howser

Administrative Assistant
x 20238

Tom Klingman

Information Technology
x 20232

Tyler Logan

Campaign Account Manager
Pi Kappa Phi
x 30328

Zak Marshall

Mail Services Coordinator
x 20231

Danielle Moore

Administrative Assistant

Bill Paris

Company Principal
Kappa Delta Rho
x 30321

Tim Perry

Designer & Editor
Kappa Delta Rho
x 20223

Michael Pouncey

Campaign Consultant
Kappa Sigma
x 30306

Alison Rawlins

Agency Services
x 20230

Ellen Reuben

Client Services Manager
x 20239

Dave Schumacher

Vice President, Capital Campaigns
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
x 526

Jennifer Suwara

Accounting Assistant
x 20277

Betzi Whiteside

Data Services
x 30320

Jeff Wilkinson

Client Services Manager
x 20234

Lisa Wood

Director of Operations
x 20227

Dorothy Wysocki

Client Services Manager
x 20224

Brent Yancy

Communications Coordinator
Phi Beta Sigma
x 30326